BLUSH BOX EDITION 4: The Fall Box + Halloween Add on


Blush Box Edition 4

The Fall Box

This is our 4th  Box and we are so excited for this one! It is our Fall box and perfect for you if you love fall, being thankful, and all things cozy. This box will be filled with EIGHT items that we have carefully picked out to help you or someone you love really enjoy Fall and all that comes with it. This makes a great gift as well!

Each item has been picked out special from an Independent maker and will be mailed to you or if you are local, available for local pickup. 

Halloween Add On

When you purchase the Fall Box, you have the option to purchase the Halloween Add On. It has TWO items just for Halloween, including a tee shirt! You do not need to purchase the Halloween Add on to get a Fall Box, but you do need to purchase the Fall Box to also purchase an Halloween Add On. If you want a Halloween Add on, make sure you write the size of the Tee you would like, sizes are Uni-sex. Size down if needed. 

***Pictures of an example Past Box are shown***


How many items will be in this box? 8 Items in the Fall Box and 2 in the Halloween Add on

When will this box arrive? Because the items are made by Independent Makers, some of the items are made special so the box will mail or be available for local pickup mid to late October.

Can I gift this box? Absolutely, if you are mailing to someone special, place their information in the shipping info. If they are local, you can have them pick it up, or you can pick it up and deliver it yourself. We can also write an encouraging note to go along with the box.

What is the value of this box? All the items retail $130 for the price of $110, the Halloween Add On retails for $50 but for the added price of $40. For both the Fall Box and the Halloween Add on, it is $150. 

What makes this so special? These items are hand picked by Blush's owner Emilie and are not currently available in the shop. They are exclusive to the box and we only are offering a limited amount. 

Is this for men too? At this time, this box is really only directed towards a female audience. We may end up doing a men's box in the future but for now, we are focusing our our female clientele, although some of the items can be shared with all sexes and ages. 

Can I return the box if I don't like it? Unfortunately no, we will not be accepting any returns on any of the items unless there is a manufacturing defect or it was harmed in shipping. 

What's in the box? It's a SURPRISE! Although we may give some hints along the way.

How many are available? We are only releasing 10, once they are sold out, they will be sold out until we release the next box :).

We can't wait for you to get your box!