Fire Grounds Coffee


Fire Grounds Coffee Co is owned by Paul Clarke and Kyle Lund. They are both full-time Dallas Fire and Rescue firefighters and Iraq veterans. Their mission is to provide fresh delicious coffee with a mission to donate coffee back to First Responders and to provide First Responders with access to Mental Health resources and advocacy.

Their coffee is roasted in Dallas, Texas. 

Bubba Brew - is our medium roast coffee. Roasted at 430 degrees using air roasting techniques. Bubba Brew has a caramel aroma with a traditional and smooth finish. Bubba Brew tastes just how the old heads, salty veterans, or bubbas like it, like a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee bean variety is Colombian Excelso.

Bury Up Black Roast- Bury Up Black is our dark roast coffee. Roasted at 460 degrees using air roasting techniques. Bury Up Black has earthy and toasted and chocolate aroma with a rich and bold taste. It's what you need to get your shift started. Bury Up! Coffee origin is Colombian Excelso.

Emergency Roast - This is our variety dedicated to the men and women in the nursing field. We use a Brazil Florada bean roasted to perfection as a Full City spectrum (medium-dark roast)

Old Tige RoastThe flavor is Full City Roast, a delicious balance of dark roast and medium roast flavors. Chocolate, toast, caramel, and almonds are all featured in this blend. As always, we feature 100% premium Colombian Excelso beans for a superior cup of coffee every time.

Rescue Roast - is our light roast coffee. Roasted at 400 degrees using air roasting techniques. Rescue Roast has earthy and sweet aroma with a nutty taste. It also contains the most caffeine out of all our varieties. Especially useful when you're riding the rescue and you need all the help you can get to stay awake. Coffee origin is Colombian Excelso.

Back the Blue Roast-  is our medium roast doughnut flavored coffee. Roasted at 430 degrees using air roasting techniques. Back The Blue has a light hint of jelly doughnut that is just the right amount. Whether you're in law enforcement or you support the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us, this coffee was made for you. Coffee Origin is Colombian Excelso. 16z (1lb) of whole bean or ground coffee

Made in United States of America