Mutli-Tool Pen


UZI tactical multitool pen. This pen combines the most needed EDC tools in one sturdy, well designed and crafted compact tactical pen.

You'll find: a premium glass breaking head, a seatbelt cutter, a great writing ballpoint pen. Emergency Whistle, Magnesium rod fire starter, Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Screwdriver

HIGH QUALITY - Made of Aircraft Aluminum, light weight and durable, anodized black coating.

DON'T GET TRAPPED - Crash safe emergency tool. Glass breaker can be utilized to crack a window for escape. Seatbelt cutter to cut a stuck seatbelt. When you carry this tactical pen with you, whether it is used for writing or as a repair tool or to survive in the wild or defend yourself, it performs perfectly.

FEEL SAFE WITH PEN IN POCKET - Low profile, discreet yet effective self defense pen. 6.28" long
Made in China